The 10 methods of Bisexuals maintain love

1. Try new things and break the routine
When a pair of bisexual feelings last for a long time, will certainly form a fixed bisexual dating pattern, but you can easily break. Trying something new to relax the thought of the brain, which is one of the reasons that makes us feel excited about a feeling. It is recommended that bisexual couples can try to enjoy a journey together, a new restaurant or a day off, only to stay with the partner, in other words, is the time to change your mode.
2. Go to class together
This is a bisexual way out of the old model, learn some new things may allow you to find partners never revealed the advantages of your relationship more intimate, it is recommended that bisexual couples try cooking class or like Golf, tennis class sports courses, and even cardiopulmonary resuscitation course is also a very good choice.
3. Participate in activities that make sense to you
Unusual activities also allow you to escape the stale model, such as: a full moon visual feast or in a theme party put on fancy dress.
4. Spend at least half an hour talking in a day
Bisexual imagination the following scenario: Ask your partner how the day is, or whether there is fear, discuss what you want from each other, what you most appreciate. These can keep bisexual lovers closer, and you can ask what you are interested in your partner. There may be countless secrets to your partner. You can find that you can talk to your partner and show you Passionate.
5. Do housework
When you think about the romantic word is not how and mopping the floor, brush the plate, clean the toilet and so on, many people say that the partners take the initiative to help them produce a partner is very concerned about their own feelings.
6. Memories of what is the first to spur your sparks of love
So that you can best understand the role of each of the feelings in this relationship, if possible, re-visit you meet the place, review the first love of the spark.
7. Do not complain
Anger will offset the romantic feeling, dissatisfaction with the mood will be set up between you a wall. What happens if you are not satisfied with? Effective way to deal with is to tell your partner your feelings, understand what has happened, keep forgiveness of the heart, and get the companion to ensure that such things do not happen again, do not let go, let it go.
8. Intimate performance
Bisexual intimate performance in a healthy, long-term relationship is essential, touch is the world of all things nourish the source, if you feel uncomfortable for the partner to touch should find the reason.
Communication can also make the relationship more intimate, intimate meaning is connected, open and honest, so have a fixed, good communication habits can make the relationship more closely, and these mean to listen to your partner, a real understanding of their needs what.
9. Spend the lazy weekend together
Bisexuals choose a day, do not do anything on this day, just with your partner, free to rest rather than busy, lazy day to make your life slam, the relationship more intimate.
10. Do more things together

Do not have to be a great thing, you can sleep together to sleep together, eat or travel long distances.

The Way to Defuse Angry Partner for Bisexual

The partner is not a fresh topic, but if the bisexual is not handled properly, it will become a big problem, and even break up and other very serious things. Many times most bisexuals think their partner does not understand themselves, love angry. In fact, partners and you care about the time can’t quarrel, the following teach you eight strokes can easily resolve the contradictions, so you open the wonderful bisexual dating:

1. If your female bisexual partner cries in front of you, for whatever reason, please hold on to her, and then have to hold tight, lying on the table is never in your arms peace of mind.
2. If your partner pointed out your mistake, please do not always ask her nagging, if not because of care about you, she will not say you, this time bisexual as long as after listening to forget, do not care about.
3. If your partner is angry with you, bisexual, this is the test of your time, come out to bear their own mistakes, inclusive of their partner.
4. If your partner does not listen to you, turn around, be sure to catch up with her, if really still love, leaving her a person how do you worry?
5. If your partner is sick, keep in mind, be sure to take care of her, spend more time with her, when she needs you most.
6. If your partner says hello to you, please keep your voice for three seconds and then hug her shoulder and give her a hug.
7. If your partner says, "You go. I do not want to care for you", do not believe that bisexuals are always wrong, in fact, that is the time she most need you;

8. If your partner is angry, that bad mood do not want to eat, do not ask her what to do, want to eat what she must say nothing, bisexual, you need to buy some of your memory companion favorite things, but must not use their own do not eat to threaten her.

What is the best love for bisexuals?

Bisexual, highest performance is the emotional intelligence of control of the situation, leave room for the future, there is tolerance for others, do yourself in love. Low IQ can be used to make up for emotional intelligence, low EQ might have no way to make up. EQ is really often influenced by the love of bisexual dating things!
Bisexuals sake of each other in love for the partner thinking. Compromise is not accepted because of love, change the partner can't accept is love, this wonderful feeling is the best growth. Open bisexual dating trip!
Bisexuals from today, to help themselves a busy, no longer bear the eyes of others, do not care about other people's evaluation, for their own alive. Bisexuals start today, to help themselves a busy, do things like love, love the closest people, want to laugh on the laughter, crying cry, no longer bound the emotional space. Bisexuals from today, to help themselves a busy, remove all the burden, forget the pain, heal the trauma of the soul, so that their lives more easily.

In this world there is nothing can lead love must break up things. The important characteristic of love is selfishness and possession. When the partner loves you, will only want to take you for you, can’t hand over. So, that you like and can’t be together only ambiguous, that love you and to leave are to escape the responsibility.
Bisexual if when you are happy and sad, the first person  whom you thought is the same person, it is the most perfect, if when you are happy and sad, the first person whom you thought is not the same person, you should choose to his / her sadness Of that. Life is more painful than happiness. There are a lot of people can share with you happy, not necessarily a lover, sad but not a lot of people can share with you. You are willing to tell him sad, he is the most you want to cherish the people.
Bisexuals do not change yourselves by grieving themselves. You're the only one, you are precious, beautiful, you are proud. You must love yourself.
From the perspective of bisexuals, a too dependent partner is poor, a too independent partner is terrible, and they will be very tired with life together. One of the best bisexual couples should be independent, dependent, independent personality, emotional dependence, such a partner is lovely, live together will be both relaxed and fun.
Bisexual less quarrel, you will find people will become tolerant, the world will become larger, and love will be longer.

Bisexual unbearable those type of partner

Boys like girls whose conditions better than their own, in fact, girls are like this. So bisexual is the same, the same is better than their own partner. Bisexual want to pursue a partner, bisexual dating, the first step should understand their psychology. The following are the most intolerable types of bisexuals. Even if they are very beautiful or very handsome, family conditions are very good, it is difficult to find the right bisexual partner. Today, we are why they will be bisexual refused.
1. People who like to speak exaggerated words
Companions like to say that exaggerated words will make bisexual feel very annoying, they will not be based on their own ability to make a commitment. They are very confident about their ability, even if they can’t make a commitment. Therefore, many bisexuals will feel: "They are big mouth, saying that there is no credible place." In addition to the face, they do not have any place is worth bisexual appreciation!
2. People who don't pay attention to hygiene
Bisexual very hates dirty people. If you say from your mouth: "I do not wash clothes" "do not take a bath", and then according to your shoulders dandruff, bisexual can draw a conclusion that you do not like clean people. If you are like this, then you need to self-reflection.
3. Bisexual doesn't like lying people
Often girls will feel that boys love to lie is not honest performance, especially like flattery people. Often girls will feel that the boys do not have a little content of quality, and gradually will be away from you. So, male bisexuals need to think about yourself!
4. Negative people
Everyone's character is different! Some people will be more negative, perhaps because of inferiority. They have a lot of negative energy, will be such an emotional infection to other people. Even very handsome boys, long-term get along with him will become very tired. So bisexual dating when not negative emotions.
5. People who does not bind his own behavior
Bisexuality should not do anything about your own behavior because of your own appearance or power. And then in a variety of temptations, sex began to ignorance, and even derailed betray their own partner. But bisexual can't tolerate partner derailment, once can't. There may be forgiven once if married, but only once.
In summary, although now like to see the appearance, it can only be the first impression only. But bisexual consider more or the partner's own quality and accomplishment. However, you can look around from the opposite sex friends to see their own behavior, get rid of some of their bad behavior habits.

The Three Tips for Bisexual Successful Dating

Bisexual is not the weak, but more gentle than the straight.
Bisexuals are starting to meet friends from dating, and dating is also a way of emotional escalation. However, most bisexuals do not have very fine thoughts, which led to the experience of dating is not very good. Experienced bisexual sharing of three dating skills to help more bisexuals in the first dating partner can have a good start.
First, bisexual need moderately weak
Most of the male bisexuality may have a "heroic plot", and when they can help you, they will naturally produce a heroic spirit. From the help you move things to financial assistance, as long as he felt useful in front of you, feel that they are needed, will feel proud of. He helped you, will love you more. Only girls who need boys are attractive.
Bisexual use this technique must pay attention to two points, one is not to random command of the partner, so that obliterate his manhood, often make him feel disgusted. Second is to be grateful. No matter how small he helped you, thanked him, praised him, regarded him as a hero, so that later will get more feelings of boys.
Second, bisexual need to moderate to try to be brave
Although, bisexual is not weak, but after much gentle than straight people. So, in the companion know this thing you can do, you also insist on doing this thing, your youthful stubborn beauty to show most vividly in his eyes.
Third, bisexual need to maintain a moderate distance
Bisexuality is also a strong curiosity, facing the mysterious partner, which they have inexplicable attraction, attracting them to find and find a small secret partner. Boys born there is a conquest of desire, the more you reserved, inexplicable, difficult to control, the more they fascinated, do not let your partner feel that you are easy to get. So, no matter how much you like him, can’t be too impatient. Emotional maintain a certain distance, only beauty. Companions in order to eventually conquer you to accompany you, not only will not feel hard, but will feel very happy.

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The Correct Way of Bisexual Bating

If you want to date your bisexuality, then you have to master some bisexual dating skills that would otherwise be difficult to date. Today to share with you dating tips, so that you can success to find bisexual partner through dating bisexual.
1. The correct way of bisexual dating: Go to a place where you have never been
In a place where you live every day and bisexual dating, you may be afraid to meet people who are familiar with embarrassment, the easiest way to solve this problem is to go to a place where you have not been, that place may be a restaurant, a tavern, or a museum or art space where you are interested.
These fresh experiences can make their own psychological constraints, because day after day repeats the same thing will make people forget the original life there are other options. Bisexual will know that there are a lot of new things in the world waiting for you to try, you just need to go out and find them on the line.
2. The correct way of bisexual dating: Kiss without trace
If you kiss a kiss after he was "painted lipstick" is very interesting, that lipstick stick to his teeth on the very embarrassing! Do not be afraid of trouble, first coated with a layer of lip balm, with a paper towel; and then sponge will liquid Press on the lips; then use a lip brush dipped in lipstick color, paper towel press; then coated with a lipstick, and then press. So that your kisses will not stay in the cup, it will not stick to the teeth on it!
3. The correct way of bisexual dating: Leave your own fragrance
Stay more lasting way is not more spray some perfume, but the use of the same paragraph perfume bath milk, body milk and spray fog, so cascade "wear" perfume can guarantee fragrance distributed 8 hours. Want to make perfume there are tips, not at the location of a fierce spray, do not spray on clothes, but above the 45-degree spray head, and then into this "perfume rain" at home.
4. The correct way of bisexual dating: Let your hair clean and fresh
Recommended bisexual day in the day about half an hour to wash your hair, shampoo to seriously use the pulp massage the scalp, do a good job cleaning work, remember to dry in the hair when the tail wiping a little hair conditioner, and then the hair dryer the wind will dry, the hair will remain shiny. If the oil is made in the afternoon, you can use a no-spray spray to spray it. Dating like this, you just finished hair like perfection.
The correct way of dating bisexual, these were not enough, it does not matter. We can also try dating tips love words. Dating skills, plus sweet words, I believe that each bisexual can be dating to the favorite partner.

Five Things You don’t Know about Bisexuality

1. MYTH: Bisexuality Is Just "Experimenting".
To be bisexual does not inherently imply a state of flux or "figuring yourself out." There is no magic formula that will ever force a bi person to lean in one particular direction more strongly than another. To imply bisexual people are just experimenting is to undermine their identity entirely and invalidate their understanding of who they are.

2. MYTH: Bisexuality Is Greedy.
What is greedy about love and attraction? Don't we all experience it? How can it be greed if it exists so abundantly in the world?

3. MYTH: Bisexual People Are More Likely To Cheat On You.
That you're dating someone who is into more than one gender doesn't mean they are more likely to go out and pursue everyone. The definition of monogamy changes from couple to couple, not from one sexuality to another. If someone in a committed, monogamous relationship that both people have agreed on, it's problematic to assume that a bisexual partner will not honor that commitment.

4. MYTH: All Bisexual People Are Interested In Casual Sex.
Experiencing attraction to multiple genders does not automatically imply high sex drive, all the time, with everyone. Relatedly, bisexuality also doesn't automatically translate to "interested in a threesome." Some bisexual people may be into threesomes, but others may not. Assuming that everyone in a specific group is never a good idea.

5. MYTH: Bisexual People Can't Be Religious.
Of course bisexual people can be religious. They can also have myriad other identities that are in no way determined by their sexuality. Surprise!

What bisexual First Dating Need to be Avoided?

Bisexual first dating must be difficult to forget, not easy to about the favorite object, we all want to leave a good impression on each other, but many bisexuals because of the first date and at a loss, May be in the process of chat into the "restricted area." Bisexual to know that some chat topics in the first date is not suitable when you appear, we must see!
We have had the first dating when some personal information on the secret information into the conversation led to dating embarrassment. Bisexual has had this experience. The following are the topics that need to be avoided when bisexuals are on the first date:

1.    The ex-boyfriend / girlfriend. Do not complain about your bisexuality on a relationship out what the problem is. If you do this, your date will be related to some information about how you might behave in a relationship with him (her). So do not talk about ex-boyfriend / girlfriend.
2.    Economic situation. There are a lot of conversations about people about the economy, but it's not sexy! Bisexual, we hope you are so glamorous in other ways that your dating object does not care. But do not expect, when you reveal the financial difficulties of the best cautious.
3.    Beloved pet. Nothing is more appealing than listening to new dating objects that express love for the eternal love of pets. Photos on your phone leave you yourself. Bisexual do not say you can’t stay out overnight because your cat or dog can’t be dropped alone. As for the death of your childhood pet, let them rest in peace.
4.    Physical illness. This is particularly important for patients with suspected disease. Bisexual believe me, only your doctor is interested in your medical history. If you have any suspicious rash, especially in the part of your body hidden, do not tell your dating object, okay?
5.    Special diet. If you are insisting on a restricted diet lifestyle, do not discuss it in depth. Pure vegetarians should be tolerant, especially if your dating object is happily cutting a large chisel steak. Eccentric eating preferences should also be handled with caution. I used to date someone, he revealed that they only eat white food. I still can’t figure out why, but this is the direct cause of what we do not fit.
6.    You do not like sex. You may be lucky, with a person with the same feeling you are dating. But it is impossible, okay? Bisexual, do not say that you do not like sex.

Bisexual, show the most beautiful face for your dating object and stay positive. Perhaps love is about to happen between you.

How to Run Bisexual's Love?

Bisexual live together for a long time, perhaps for love or feeling love will slowly become numb, no longer had the heart to each other and share all the time miss, the partner sometimes tired of each other, that partner is not to understand themselves, and then grievances, complaints, quarrels, resulting in breaking up, in fact, love is the need for bisexual efforts to operate, then, bisexuality how to operate love?
Sometimes we feel that partners do not understand themselves, do not understand their own, will not consider their own feelings, whenever they have this idea, many times may be because they have more to take into account their feelings and summed up the conclusion, this time try Standing in the partner's point of view to think about, and perhaps there will be some different experience.
Sometimes it is true that the partner did not scruple to their feelings, resulting in their own grievances, unhappy and other negative emotions, but it is best not to use this as a reason, with each other temper or quarrel, this will only worsen the contradictions, You can let yourself calm down, and then communicate with the partner, or with a partner to accept the way to make their own demands, so that partners will not only clearly understand what they do not good enough, but also because of your tolerance A lot of feel guilty, so that the embarrassing situation to ease.
In the process of getting along, no matter what the partner for the reasons, in the oral and action on the performance of the various to please, at that time will certainly let themselves harvest more or less moved, even if the time is very short, it is enough , And to learn to collect these small touches, need to remember a good partner, partner bad place, but also to find ways to tolerance.
We all like to be praised by others, especially in love, no matter what they do, are very hope to get the approval of the partner, so in love, do not begrudge their praise and praise of the heart, Every time a small progress in the companion, timely praise partner, so that partners in their own praise has been happy.
Business love, not every day tired together is good, is the performance of love, after all, not everyone at all times to love as the most important thing, will have their own care and things to deal with emergency, Moreover, good things, do not always have to enjoy, as if some people like to eat chocolate, but if you have to eat this person will not stand, so need to know how to private space partner, so you can build a good partner between the trust.
Bisexual life together for a long time, always unknowingly form a fixed way of life, sometimes too fixed is not necessarily a good thing, to learn to change this original way, such as not at home watching TV, buy tickets to the cinema Look, do not cook at home, to the outside of the restaurant any way, or use the weekend or leave to other cities to walk, stroll, to find a first love travel and so on.

What is Sex for Bisexual?

Q: How do the foreplay?
A: The foreplay is an indispensable part of the sex process, the sweet words of sexual life can stimulate and maintain sexual desire. Provocative love words can't only harmonious feelings, but also catalyze the development of lust.
What is the importance of sex tobisexuality? Bisexual love when sex, bisexual depressed when sex, bisexual love and companion communication, with love to vent. Is sex boring all? Have you ever had sex with a partner? Can’t communicate in any other way? Can’t you restrain it?
In fact, bisexual sometimes will continue to desire new partners, but they will appear in the absence of emotional sexual intercourse after the emptiness. Because for human beings, sex is not just sex, sex is a language, is a bridge, sex is from the lonely to the intimate where, sex is to establish each other belong to the furnace. If you love to experience the real acceptance - I like her, she liked me, then the emptiness after the emptiness will not appear, but was replaced by a warm feeling.
You will want to hold a partner to sleep, want to guard your partner, or want to more possession; the other hand, at random or some reluctantly sex, you will feel nothing, just want to leave, because it is only with someone else's body masturbation.
Spirit of social positioning of bisexual, bisexual seek the same thing except in a sexual in nature. The gender role of bisexuality tells us that bisexuality is strong and does not need to talk to the object, can be self-digest, intimate relationship is superfluous to them. So, when the intimate relationship only between women and women shared, bisexual heart is lonely.
Bisexuality is not only isolated from each other, they are actually isolated with the straight, to get close to the body and mind will only leave the road of sexual intercourse. Sensitive bisexual easy to detect, when sex, they have a sense of security, a feeling of communication with people, a feeling of integration with others. Bisexuality meets all the needs of intimacy, care and contact through sexual intercourse. Because we have been deprived of the possibility to meet these needs through feelings.
On the other hand: life is running around the runway and circle around, feet on the hot charcoal above. In the middle of the runway only a few cool foothold is seen as a happy place. Everyone is constantly running, the total expectations may indeed be able to meet the cool place, get a moment of happiness, but people eventually die in the charcoal fire.
For bisexuality, those cool foothold, that is sex. Underground hot charcoal is the hormone. In fact, bisexual secretion is not a hormone, is gasoline. No time not burning. For bisexuality, sex is not a cake, not a luxury. Sex is bread, is a necessity.
If the sex than for the place, then for women, sex is an amusement park. Weekend to play. For men, sex is prison. Men are kept inside, life.
If the sex than opium, then the woman is addicted to want to take a tube cool about. Men want opium because a knife is inserted into the stomach and must be drawn.
If treat the sex as a desire. Then the woman is holding the bread slice of desire for butter. The man is drowned to the desire of the life buoy.

Some Problems of Bisexual Cohabitation

Bisexual, if your partner wants to live with you, what would you do?
I personally think that cohabitation is something to be considered carefully (especially the couple who have just recently fall in love). Some bisexual cohabitation for sexual life, and some bisexual cohabitation in order to emotional warming, I believe that many people are like this way. But you seriously consider the cohabitation will be what problems?

1. Different habits, prone to dispute
Everyone has their own habits, bisexuality is also, cohabitation may be because some of the habits of the problem caused by the quarrel between the partners! (For example: "Some girls are particularly sensitive to smoke, boys have the habit of smoking")
For those who do not smoke is particularly sensitive to smoke, for example, I never smoke in front of my girlfriend, a girlfriend can be heard close to the smoke on my body. This is just an example. I believe there are many different and conflicting habits.
Especially for young bisexual couples who have not experienced emotional precipitation. Because the habit of different results in breaking up is a great possibility.

2. There is no free space (bisexual has their own social and needs)
When bisexual couple in love, I believe can stick together one day will not be tired, it is only effective for the period of love only. I never believed that love was only honeymoon.
Cohabitation, if you want to do some of their own things, your partner is always silent to disturb or not let you do. This is undoubtedly to increase the intangible cracks in love.

3. Sex life too much
Young bisexual couples may have a greater demand for sexual life, excessive sexual life will have a certain burden on the body.

In my opinion, bisexuality in love during the need to maintain some distance, small distance wins new love. What do you think?

Bisexual in Love the five Details is easy to Expose Sexual Desire

In fact, bisexuality in love to talk about sex, is not a difficult person to face the face of things, to be able to correctly examine and face is the best responsibility for the feelings. But each bisexual has a different place, in addition to differences in the body, the desire also varies from person to person, are different. Here I will give you a brief introduction, in the process of bisexual love, how to see who's desire is relatively strong.
1, In love, very active take your hand, think about hugging this type of bisexual libido is relatively strong type.

2, From the appearance of the resolution, the general love, many people like to find the chest big waist thin woman as the object of love, in fact, this idea is right, generally such a woman is not suitable for the type of wife, but the chest big waist Of the women are absolutely sexual desire can be ranked on the first.

3, The third is to take the initiative to ask you to take her to see the yellow film, so bisexual mainly want the kind of atmosphere and skills, so if you encounter such a woman do not miss the opportunity to see her alone.

4, Will take the initiative to buy fun underwear and ask you to buy her, so are dissatisfied type, and she bought these are to tempt you, so if your girlfriend is this type, then you blessed Do not miss her affection for you.

5, Often take the initiative to ask you to meet, if your love object with you is off site, she often asked you to see her, such a bisexual is relatively strong desire, in fact, her heart is very lonely, so as a male partner you must be able to understand her care and thought, do not let others bother, let you run back and forth.