How to Run Bisexual's Love?

Bisexual live together for a long time, perhaps for love or feeling love will slowly become numb, no longer had the heart to each other and share all the time miss, the partner sometimes tired of each other, that partner is not to understand themselves, and then grievances, complaints, quarrels, resulting in breaking up, in fact, love is the need for bisexual efforts to operate, then, bisexuality how to operate love?
Sometimes we feel that partners do not understand themselves, do not understand their own, will not consider their own feelings, whenever they have this idea, many times may be because they have more to take into account their feelings and summed up the conclusion, this time try Standing in the partner's point of view to think about, and perhaps there will be some different experience.
Sometimes it is true that the partner did not scruple to their feelings, resulting in their own grievances, unhappy and other negative emotions, but it is best not to use this as a reason, with each other temper or quarrel, this will only worsen the contradictions, You can let yourself calm down, and then communicate with the partner, or with a partner to accept the way to make their own demands, so that partners will not only clearly understand what they do not good enough, but also because of your tolerance A lot of feel guilty, so that the embarrassing situation to ease.
In the process of getting along, no matter what the partner for the reasons, in the oral and action on the performance of the various to please, at that time will certainly let themselves harvest more or less moved, even if the time is very short, it is enough , And to learn to collect these small touches, need to remember a good partner, partner bad place, but also to find ways to tolerance.
We all like to be praised by others, especially in love, no matter what they do, are very hope to get the approval of the partner, so in love, do not begrudge their praise and praise of the heart, Every time a small progress in the companion, timely praise partner, so that partners in their own praise has been happy.
Business love, not every day tired together is good, is the performance of love, after all, not everyone at all times to love as the most important thing, will have their own care and things to deal with emergency, Moreover, good things, do not always have to enjoy, as if some people like to eat chocolate, but if you have to eat this person will not stand, so need to know how to private space partner, so you can build a good partner between the trust.
Bisexual life together for a long time, always unknowingly form a fixed way of life, sometimes too fixed is not necessarily a good thing, to learn to change this original way, such as not at home watching TV, buy tickets to the cinema Look, do not cook at home, to the outside of the restaurant any way, or use the weekend or leave to other cities to walk, stroll, to find a first love travel and so on.