Some Problems of Bisexual Cohabitation

Bisexual, if your partner wants to live with you, what would you do?
I personally think that cohabitation is something to be considered carefully (especially the couple who have just recently fall in love). Some bisexual cohabitation for sexual life, and some bisexual cohabitation in order to emotional warming, I believe that many people are like this way. But you seriously consider the cohabitation will be what problems?

1. Different habits, prone to dispute
Everyone has their own habits, bisexuality is also, cohabitation may be because some of the habits of the problem caused by the quarrel between the partners! (For example: "Some girls are particularly sensitive to smoke, boys have the habit of smoking")
For those who do not smoke is particularly sensitive to smoke, for example, I never smoke in front of my girlfriend, a girlfriend can be heard close to the smoke on my body. This is just an example. I believe there are many different and conflicting habits.
Especially for young bisexual couples who have not experienced emotional precipitation. Because the habit of different results in breaking up is a great possibility.

2. There is no free space (bisexual has their own social and needs)
When bisexual couple in love, I believe can stick together one day will not be tired, it is only effective for the period of love only. I never believed that love was only honeymoon.
Cohabitation, if you want to do some of their own things, your partner is always silent to disturb or not let you do. This is undoubtedly to increase the intangible cracks in love.

3. Sex life too much
Young bisexual couples may have a greater demand for sexual life, excessive sexual life will have a certain burden on the body.

In my opinion, bisexuality in love during the need to maintain some distance, small distance wins new love. What do you think?