What is Sex for Bisexual?

Q: How do the foreplay?
A: The foreplay is an indispensable part of the sex process, the sweet words of sexual life can stimulate and maintain sexual desire. Provocative love words can't only harmonious feelings, but also catalyze the development of lust.
What is the importance of sex tobisexuality? Bisexual love when sex, bisexual depressed when sex, bisexual love and companion communication, with love to vent. Is sex boring all? Have you ever had sex with a partner? Can’t communicate in any other way? Can’t you restrain it?
In fact, bisexual sometimes will continue to desire new partners, but they will appear in the absence of emotional sexual intercourse after the emptiness. Because for human beings, sex is not just sex, sex is a language, is a bridge, sex is from the lonely to the intimate where, sex is to establish each other belong to the furnace. If you love to experience the real acceptance - I like her, she liked me, then the emptiness after the emptiness will not appear, but was replaced by a warm feeling.
You will want to hold a partner to sleep, want to guard your partner, or want to more possession; the other hand, at random or some reluctantly sex, you will feel nothing, just want to leave, because it is only with someone else's body masturbation.
Spirit of social positioning of bisexual, bisexual seek the same thing except in a sexual in nature. The gender role of bisexuality tells us that bisexuality is strong and does not need to talk to the object, can be self-digest, intimate relationship is superfluous to them. So, when the intimate relationship only between women and women shared, bisexual heart is lonely.
Bisexuality is not only isolated from each other, they are actually isolated with the straight, to get close to the body and mind will only leave the road of sexual intercourse. Sensitive bisexual easy to detect, when sex, they have a sense of security, a feeling of communication with people, a feeling of integration with others. Bisexuality meets all the needs of intimacy, care and contact through sexual intercourse. Because we have been deprived of the possibility to meet these needs through feelings.
On the other hand: life is running around the runway and circle around, feet on the hot charcoal above. In the middle of the runway only a few cool foothold is seen as a happy place. Everyone is constantly running, the total expectations may indeed be able to meet the cool place, get a moment of happiness, but people eventually die in the charcoal fire.
For bisexuality, those cool foothold, that is sex. Underground hot charcoal is the hormone. In fact, bisexual secretion is not a hormone, is gasoline. No time not burning. For bisexuality, sex is not a cake, not a luxury. Sex is bread, is a necessity.
If the sex than for the place, then for women, sex is an amusement park. Weekend to play. For men, sex is prison. Men are kept inside, life.
If the sex than opium, then the woman is addicted to want to take a tube cool about. Men want opium because a knife is inserted into the stomach and must be drawn.
If treat the sex as a desire. Then the woman is holding the bread slice of desire for butter. The man is drowned to the desire of the life buoy.