Five Things You don’t Know about Bisexuality

1. MYTH: Bisexuality Is Just "Experimenting".
To be bisexual does not inherently imply a state of flux or "figuring yourself out." There is no magic formula that will ever force a bi person to lean in one particular direction more strongly than another. To imply bisexual people are just experimenting is to undermine their identity entirely and invalidate their understanding of who they are.

2. MYTH: Bisexuality Is Greedy.
What is greedy about love and attraction? Don't we all experience it? How can it be greed if it exists so abundantly in the world?

3. MYTH: Bisexual People Are More Likely To Cheat On You.
That you're dating someone who is into more than one gender doesn't mean they are more likely to go out and pursue everyone. The definition of monogamy changes from couple to couple, not from one sexuality to another. If someone in a committed, monogamous relationship that both people have agreed on, it's problematic to assume that a bisexual partner will not honor that commitment.

4. MYTH: All Bisexual People Are Interested In Casual Sex.
Experiencing attraction to multiple genders does not automatically imply high sex drive, all the time, with everyone. Relatedly, bisexuality also doesn't automatically translate to "interested in a threesome." Some bisexual people may be into threesomes, but others may not. Assuming that everyone in a specific group is never a good idea.

5. MYTH: Bisexual People Can't Be Religious.
Of course bisexual people can be religious. They can also have myriad other identities that are in no way determined by their sexuality. Surprise!