The Way to Defuse Angry Partner for Bisexual

The partner is not a fresh topic, but if the bisexual is not handled properly, it will become a big problem, and even break up and other very serious things. Many times most bisexuals think their partner does not understand themselves, love angry. In fact, partners and you care about the time can’t quarrel, the following teach you eight strokes can easily resolve the contradictions, so you open the wonderful bisexual dating:

1. If your female bisexual partner cries in front of you, for whatever reason, please hold on to her, and then have to hold tight, lying on the table is never in your arms peace of mind.
2. If your partner pointed out your mistake, please do not always ask her nagging, if not because of care about you, she will not say you, this time bisexual as long as after listening to forget, do not care about.
3. If your partner is angry with you, bisexual, this is the test of your time, come out to bear their own mistakes, inclusive of their partner.
4. If your partner does not listen to you, turn around, be sure to catch up with her, if really still love, leaving her a person how do you worry?
5. If your partner is sick, keep in mind, be sure to take care of her, spend more time with her, when she needs you most.
6. If your partner says hello to you, please keep your voice for three seconds and then hug her shoulder and give her a hug.
7. If your partner says, "You go. I do not want to care for you", do not believe that bisexuals are always wrong, in fact, that is the time she most need you;

8. If your partner is angry, that bad mood do not want to eat, do not ask her what to do, want to eat what she must say nothing, bisexual, you need to buy some of your memory companion favorite things, but must not use their own do not eat to threaten her.

What is the best love for bisexuals?

Bisexual, highest performance is the emotional intelligence of control of the situation, leave room for the future, there is tolerance for others, do yourself in love. Low IQ can be used to make up for emotional intelligence, low EQ might have no way to make up. EQ is really often influenced by the love of bisexual dating things!
Bisexuals sake of each other in love for the partner thinking. Compromise is not accepted because of love, change the partner can't accept is love, this wonderful feeling is the best growth. Open bisexual dating trip!
Bisexuals from today, to help themselves a busy, no longer bear the eyes of others, do not care about other people's evaluation, for their own alive. Bisexuals start today, to help themselves a busy, do things like love, love the closest people, want to laugh on the laughter, crying cry, no longer bound the emotional space. Bisexuals from today, to help themselves a busy, remove all the burden, forget the pain, heal the trauma of the soul, so that their lives more easily.

In this world there is nothing can lead love must break up things. The important characteristic of love is selfishness and possession. When the partner loves you, will only want to take you for you, can’t hand over. So, that you like and can’t be together only ambiguous, that love you and to leave are to escape the responsibility.
Bisexual if when you are happy and sad, the first person  whom you thought is the same person, it is the most perfect, if when you are happy and sad, the first person whom you thought is not the same person, you should choose to his / her sadness Of that. Life is more painful than happiness. There are a lot of people can share with you happy, not necessarily a lover, sad but not a lot of people can share with you. You are willing to tell him sad, he is the most you want to cherish the people.
Bisexuals do not change yourselves by grieving themselves. You're the only one, you are precious, beautiful, you are proud. You must love yourself.
From the perspective of bisexuals, a too dependent partner is poor, a too independent partner is terrible, and they will be very tired with life together. One of the best bisexual couples should be independent, dependent, independent personality, emotional dependence, such a partner is lovely, live together will be both relaxed and fun.
Bisexual less quarrel, you will find people will become tolerant, the world will become larger, and love will be longer.

Bisexual unbearable those type of partner

Boys like girls whose conditions better than their own, in fact, girls are like this. So bisexual is the same, the same is better than their own partner. Bisexual want to pursue a partner, bisexual dating, the first step should understand their psychology. The following are the most intolerable types of bisexuals. Even if they are very beautiful or very handsome, family conditions are very good, it is difficult to find the right bisexual partner. Today, we are why they will be bisexual refused.
1. People who like to speak exaggerated words
Companions like to say that exaggerated words will make bisexual feel very annoying, they will not be based on their own ability to make a commitment. They are very confident about their ability, even if they can’t make a commitment. Therefore, many bisexuals will feel: "They are big mouth, saying that there is no credible place." In addition to the face, they do not have any place is worth bisexual appreciation!
2. People who don't pay attention to hygiene
Bisexual very hates dirty people. If you say from your mouth: "I do not wash clothes" "do not take a bath", and then according to your shoulders dandruff, bisexual can draw a conclusion that you do not like clean people. If you are like this, then you need to self-reflection.
3. Bisexual doesn't like lying people
Often girls will feel that boys love to lie is not honest performance, especially like flattery people. Often girls will feel that the boys do not have a little content of quality, and gradually will be away from you. So, male bisexuals need to think about yourself!
4. Negative people
Everyone's character is different! Some people will be more negative, perhaps because of inferiority. They have a lot of negative energy, will be such an emotional infection to other people. Even very handsome boys, long-term get along with him will become very tired. So bisexual dating when not negative emotions.
5. People who does not bind his own behavior
Bisexuality should not do anything about your own behavior because of your own appearance or power. And then in a variety of temptations, sex began to ignorance, and even derailed betray their own partner. But bisexual can't tolerate partner derailment, once can't. There may be forgiven once if married, but only once.
In summary, although now like to see the appearance, it can only be the first impression only. But bisexual consider more or the partner's own quality and accomplishment. However, you can look around from the opposite sex friends to see their own behavior, get rid of some of their bad behavior habits.