Bisexual unbearable those type of partner

Boys like girls whose conditions better than their own, in fact, girls are like this. So bisexual is the same, the same is better than their own partner. Bisexual want to pursue a partner, bisexual dating, the first step should understand their psychology. The following are the most intolerable types of bisexuals. Even if they are very beautiful or very handsome, family conditions are very good, it is difficult to find the right bisexual partner. Today, we are why they will be bisexual refused.
1. People who like to speak exaggerated words
Companions like to say that exaggerated words will make bisexual feel very annoying, they will not be based on their own ability to make a commitment. They are very confident about their ability, even if they can’t make a commitment. Therefore, many bisexuals will feel: "They are big mouth, saying that there is no credible place." In addition to the face, they do not have any place is worth bisexual appreciation!
2. People who don't pay attention to hygiene
Bisexual very hates dirty people. If you say from your mouth: "I do not wash clothes" "do not take a bath", and then according to your shoulders dandruff, bisexual can draw a conclusion that you do not like clean people. If you are like this, then you need to self-reflection.
3. Bisexual doesn't like lying people
Often girls will feel that boys love to lie is not honest performance, especially like flattery people. Often girls will feel that the boys do not have a little content of quality, and gradually will be away from you. So, male bisexuals need to think about yourself!
4. Negative people
Everyone's character is different! Some people will be more negative, perhaps because of inferiority. They have a lot of negative energy, will be such an emotional infection to other people. Even very handsome boys, long-term get along with him will become very tired. So bisexual dating when not negative emotions.
5. People who does not bind his own behavior
Bisexuality should not do anything about your own behavior because of your own appearance or power. And then in a variety of temptations, sex began to ignorance, and even derailed betray their own partner. But bisexual can't tolerate partner derailment, once can't. There may be forgiven once if married, but only once.
In summary, although now like to see the appearance, it can only be the first impression only. But bisexual consider more or the partner's own quality and accomplishment. However, you can look around from the opposite sex friends to see their own behavior, get rid of some of their bad behavior habits.