The Way to Defuse Angry Partner for Bisexual

The partner is not a fresh topic, but if the bisexual is not handled properly, it will become a big problem, and even break up and other very serious things. Many times most bisexuals think their partner does not understand themselves, love angry. In fact, partners and you care about the time can’t quarrel, the following teach you eight strokes can easily resolve the contradictions, so you open the wonderful bisexual dating:

1. If your female bisexual partner cries in front of you, for whatever reason, please hold on to her, and then have to hold tight, lying on the table is never in your arms peace of mind.
2. If your partner pointed out your mistake, please do not always ask her nagging, if not because of care about you, she will not say you, this time bisexual as long as after listening to forget, do not care about.
3. If your partner is angry with you, bisexual, this is the test of your time, come out to bear their own mistakes, inclusive of their partner.
4. If your partner does not listen to you, turn around, be sure to catch up with her, if really still love, leaving her a person how do you worry?
5. If your partner is sick, keep in mind, be sure to take care of her, spend more time with her, when she needs you most.
6. If your partner says hello to you, please keep your voice for three seconds and then hug her shoulder and give her a hug.
7. If your partner says, "You go. I do not want to care for you", do not believe that bisexuals are always wrong, in fact, that is the time she most need you;

8. If your partner is angry, that bad mood do not want to eat, do not ask her what to do, want to eat what she must say nothing, bisexual, you need to buy some of your memory companion favorite things, but must not use their own do not eat to threaten her.