What is the best love for bisexuals?

Bisexual, highest performance is the emotional intelligence of control of the situation, leave room for the future, there is tolerance for others, do yourself in love. Low IQ can be used to make up for emotional intelligence, low EQ might have no way to make up. EQ is really often influenced by the love of bisexual dating things!
Bisexuals sake of each other in love for the partner thinking. Compromise is not accepted because of love, change the partner can't accept is love, this wonderful feeling is the best growth. Open bisexual dating trip!
Bisexuals from today, to help themselves a busy, no longer bear the eyes of others, do not care about other people's evaluation, for their own alive. Bisexuals start today, to help themselves a busy, do things like love, love the closest people, want to laugh on the laughter, crying cry, no longer bound the emotional space. Bisexuals from today, to help themselves a busy, remove all the burden, forget the pain, heal the trauma of the soul, so that their lives more easily.

In this world there is nothing can lead love must break up things. The important characteristic of love is selfishness and possession. When the partner loves you, will only want to take you for you, can’t hand over. So, that you like and can’t be together only ambiguous, that love you and to leave are to escape the responsibility.
Bisexual if when you are happy and sad, the first person  whom you thought is the same person, it is the most perfect, if when you are happy and sad, the first person whom you thought is not the same person, you should choose to his / her sadness Of that. Life is more painful than happiness. There are a lot of people can share with you happy, not necessarily a lover, sad but not a lot of people can share with you. You are willing to tell him sad, he is the most you want to cherish the people.
Bisexuals do not change yourselves by grieving themselves. You're the only one, you are precious, beautiful, you are proud. You must love yourself.
From the perspective of bisexuals, a too dependent partner is poor, a too independent partner is terrible, and they will be very tired with life together. One of the best bisexual couples should be independent, dependent, independent personality, emotional dependence, such a partner is lovely, live together will be both relaxed and fun.
Bisexual less quarrel, you will find people will become tolerant, the world will become larger, and love will be longer.
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