The 10 methods of Bisexuals maintain love

1. Try new things and break the routine
When a pair of bisexual feelings last for a long time, will certainly form a fixed bisexual dating pattern, but you can easily break. Trying something new to relax the thought of the brain, which is one of the reasons that makes us feel excited about a feeling. It is recommended that bisexual couples can try to enjoy a journey together, a new restaurant or a day off, only to stay with the partner, in other words, is the time to change your mode.
2. Go to class together
This is a bisexual way out of the old model, learn some new things may allow you to find partners never revealed the advantages of your relationship more intimate, it is recommended that bisexual couples try cooking class or like Golf, tennis class sports courses, and even cardiopulmonary resuscitation course is also a very good choice.
3. Participate in activities that make sense to you
Unusual activities also allow you to escape the stale model, such as: a full moon visual feast or in a theme party put on fancy dress.
4. Spend at least half an hour talking in a day
Bisexual imagination the following scenario: Ask your partner how the day is, or whether there is fear, discuss what you want from each other, what you most appreciate. These can keep bisexual lovers closer, and you can ask what you are interested in your partner. There may be countless secrets to your partner. You can find that you can talk to your partner and show you Passionate.
5. Do housework
When you think about the romantic word is not how and mopping the floor, brush the plate, clean the toilet and so on, many people say that the partners take the initiative to help them produce a partner is very concerned about their own feelings.
6. Memories of what is the first to spur your sparks of love
So that you can best understand the role of each of the feelings in this relationship, if possible, re-visit you meet the place, review the first love of the spark.
7. Do not complain
Anger will offset the romantic feeling, dissatisfaction with the mood will be set up between you a wall. What happens if you are not satisfied with? Effective way to deal with is to tell your partner your feelings, understand what has happened, keep forgiveness of the heart, and get the companion to ensure that such things do not happen again, do not let go, let it go.
8. Intimate performance
Bisexual intimate performance in a healthy, long-term relationship is essential, touch is the world of all things nourish the source, if you feel uncomfortable for the partner to touch should find the reason.
Communication can also make the relationship more intimate, intimate meaning is connected, open and honest, so have a fixed, good communication habits can make the relationship more closely, and these mean to listen to your partner, a real understanding of their needs what.
9. Spend the lazy weekend together
Bisexuals choose a day, do not do anything on this day, just with your partner, free to rest rather than busy, lazy day to make your life slam, the relationship more intimate.
10. Do more things together

Do not have to be a great thing, you can sleep together to sleep together, eat or travel long distances.